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This winter season has brought forth some of the most dramatic weather conditions in the history of tracking weather. It is no secret that anxiety levels have risen to an all time high and patience is wearing very thin. Even those who never complain about extreme weather conditions have been pushed to the brink of joining the pool of collective consciousness reflecting misery and despair. The main complaints that we have heard are anger, lethargy, sleeplessness, weight gain, lack of motivation and above all anxiousness. The silver lining to this scenario is that people have been stripped down to the bone and are recognizing parts of their personality that they have been reluctant to contact under normal conditions. This is fertile soil to plant the seeds of change.


Time to reset the internal clock by leaving the winter behind and all that came with it. To many this seems easier said than done. However, it is all doable by reminding yourself that you have the internal strength to start new, to start fresh and to start now.

Commitment is at the helm of all transformation, and reprogramming the way you think is the key to change. Enter Brain Fitness…Brain Fitness advocates that change occurs only when the brain is in the mood. So time to instruct the personality to get out of the way, put the past behind and allow yourself to get in the mood. We all have the ability to “train the brain” to explore new ways of being and to create opportunities that we never thought were possible. “Change strengthens the connection between neurons engaged at the same time. Neurons that fire together wire together. Brain plasticity is a two way street. We can either drive the brain to change a negative or a positive charge. Motivation is a key factor in brain plasticity”. Simply put, be willing to open your mind to positive change.

This new thought process will put you ahead of the curve, so that when the sun finally does decide to come out and warm the bones  you will already be in the full swing of spring.

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