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This winter season has brought forth some of the most dramatic weather conditions in the history of tracking weather. It is no secret that anxiety levels have risen to an all time high and patience is wearing very thin. Even those who never complain about extreme weather conditions have been pushed to the brink of joining the pool of collective consciousness reflecting misery and despair. The main complaints that we have heard are anger, lethargy, sleeplessness, weight gain, lack of motivation and above all anxiousness. The silver lining to this scenario is that people have been stripped down to the bone and are recognizing parts of their personality that they have been reluctant to contact under normal conditions. This is fertile soil to plant the seeds of change.


Time to reset the internal clock by leaving the winter behind and all that came with it. To many this seems easier said than done. However, it is all doable by reminding yourself that you have the internal strength to start new, to start fresh and to start now.

Commitment is at the helm of all transformation, and reprogramming the way you think is the key to change. Enter Brain Fitness…Brain Fitness advocates that change occurs only when the brain is in the mood. So time to instruct the personality to get out of the way, put the past behind and allow yourself to get in the mood. We all have the ability to “train the brain” to explore new ways of being and to create opportunities that we never thought were possible. “Change strengthens the connection between neurons engaged at the same time. Neurons that fire together wire together. Brain plasticity is a two way street. We can either drive the brain to change a negative or a positive charge. Motivation is a key factor in brain plasticity”. Simply put, be willing to open your mind to positive change.

This new thought process will put you ahead of the curve, so that when the sun finally does decide to come out and warm the bones  you will already be in the full swing of spring.

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As Integrated Lifestyle Solutions® has developed, we have discovered that there are key elements in creating new beginnings for a successful new year. While this is not a complete list of all key elements, here are five areas that are beneficial in carving the path for a prosperous journey in the new  year.


The element of truth serves as a guide to create a baseline for your current positioning in life. Whether it relates to health, jobs, relationships etc., having the courage to look yourself straight in the eye to accurately see where you are in life is essential for new growth and development. In the final analysis it is a relief to see the truth. 


Once you’ve told yourself the truth, it is easier to discover and implement tangible practices that will help you shift toward productive habits and new ways of being. Keep it simple and basic such as getting enough sleep, healthy dietary choices, getting to work on time, finding the time to exercise and training yourself to think positively about the new regime.


Avoid bringing unnecessary history into your new regime. This is the difference between self-condemnation and forgiveness. After telling yourself the truth, it is common to judge and condemn rather than forgiving and moving on to new and productive practices.


Essentially this means learning how to listen and to really hear what the other person is saying without formulating an immediate response. By listening carefully, it will help you to formulate a deeper and more meaningful connection within the communication.


Gratitude is the foundational ingredient for success. Every form of progress counts! It is the dot that leads you to the next step of accomplishment. When gratitude is truly experienced even the negatives become positive. The following is a beautiful clip on the nature of gratitude that we keep posted as an inspirational reminder on the side bar of our blog page:


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Living in a world inundated with technology, there is a new, yet familiar trend redirecting us forward to our own true Nature. Of course, this will be a different experience for each individual depending on one’s environment and relationship to their own natural resources. Nevertheless, being in alignment with Nature creates healthier choices and helps to alleviate the stressors of today’s fast paced world.  Visit our Product page for stress relief   What are these healthier choices and what do they mean for the future?

NATURE AS THE GUIDE  Morning In The Redwoods

The rapidly emerging field of biomimicry is directly inspired by nature’s design. This progressive movement will ultimately replace the economic driven, energy depleting and environmentally destructive era of The Industrial Revolution leading more toward a “Natural Revolution”.  The practice of studying and replicating Natures infinite design will help us to better understand how to transform waste into a resource of wealth. Through this inspiration more efficient ways of sustainability will be developed for a cleaner, healthier planet, while transforming economic growth from one of greed to true abundance. It will be a global restructuring of how humanity views its connection to the natural world.


It is the first of many experiences on this early morning in northern California – the first day of fall, the first rain of the season since last spring, and therefore the first day our extensive organic gardens do not have to be watered. Mother Nature has given us a huge gift; generously allowing for valuable time to reflect on the topic of this blog. The sound of only the rain in the darkness of the morning is introspective. What exactly is this rain telling us? There is intelligent information in every drop of the cleansing rainwater as it resonates with the water within our own human structure. The two create a symbiotic relationship of oneness with Nature.

Tuning into Nature and Natural Law will lead to healthier practices on all levels. The information, resources and solutions are always available to those who choose to tune in. With Nature as our guide, learning to communicate with the intelligence of the body creates a greater understanding of self in discovering your own TRUE NATURE.

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