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SAILING AT SIXTY... Profile of a Holistic Approach to Well-being

As an educator, it is one of my primary objectives to present cutting edge information about creative and productive ways of taking care of one’s self. I realized early on that in order to motivate there has to be a component of curiosity and fun. This has always been my approach to happiness and it has been my goal to share this philosophy with others.  As infants we begin to learn about the wonderment of life, the complexities of our bodies, and how we respond to the ever-changing process of human evolution. This foundation sets the tone for how we perceive life and the world around us.

Fast forward to this November, and much to my amazement I turned 60 years of age! The onset of this birthday was exceptionally exciting to me, which I know is not the norm for most people. It was very cool to reach this major marker feeling so good about my choices in life.Waiting For The Next Activity...

As difficult as life may seem in this day and age, I have followed a few simple guidelines to support a healthy lifestyle that I will share with you.

 “The way we think is the way in which we manifest everything in our lives”

My main source of education has been observation. Over the years I have observed how easy it is for people to program themselves to think in negative terms and to reinforce it on a daily basis.  Professionally speaking, it is like talking people off of a ledge, and I have been on many ledges with many people. As negative as this may seem, it has never altered or affected the way I think about life, my love of life and my ability to maintain joy. Programming is programming, you can go negative or positive. It is all the same to the brain. The key factor is to program the same thought regularly (like exercising a muscle) until it becomes a way of being. Don’t stop!

“Emotional balance governs the way in which we perceive stressors”

Being in a natural environment has always been a stabilizing force for me. I have encouraged others to do the same for years. It is amazing how I feel when I take the time to commune with Nature on a daily basis. It just works. A Birthday Rainbow

“It is the intention of movement that inspires the body”

I love to move + I love to smile = Moving makes me smile!

Daily ActivitiesThe two main factors in exercising that keeps me happy and injury free is to pay attention to my form and to thoroughly enjoy the experience of moving my body through space. I have personally found that if my intention is truly behind the movement and I am fully present, my muscles will respond accordingly. This principle holds true for any age. Muscles recognize the difference in the quality of movement, so make sure you’re having concentrated fun! 

“Healthy food equals healthy cells”

To make my “cells dance” on a daily basis, I choose foods that are very fresh, organic and nutrient rich to fuel my body. These foods vary in color, are beautiful in appearance, absolutely delicious and provide a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals. I maintain a conscious practice to tune in and listen to what my body needs at any given moment by eating slowly, chewing the food well and giving gratitude for being nurtured with every bite.Culinary Class

For my 60th birthday gift, my loving wife Monica arranged a spectacular vacation to the Caribbean that included all of these healthy components. “It was so exciting that I truly felt 60 without the 0”.  Everyday was a new adventure; snorkeling, archery, water aerobics, yoga, pilates, stretching, weight training, kayaking, tubing, dancing, swimming, massage, relaxation, meditation and absolutely amazing healthy foods!

Waving to you on my 60th Birthday! Enjoy life at any age….Joe on his 60th Birthday





How appropriate to be nearly complete with our 2014 Harvest on World Gratitude Day! Life Is Always In Progress

In spite of the severe drought conditions in northern California, we partnered with Nature, utilized less water and produced more quantities of intensely flavorful fruit and vegetables. The learning curve under these dry conditions, taught us how to maximize growth and development using much less of this essential natural resource. It is a metaphor for life in taking what Nature gives you at any given moment and graciously and gratefully making the absolute best of it.

We began the season in early May planting the seedlings from our greenhouse. This consisted of heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and cayenne peppers. As the summer rolled by we harvested cherries, plums, hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, pears, peaches, figs, grapes and several varieties of lettuce. What is left of the golden harvest is the ashwagandha and valarien root, which will be harvested in the cooler months ahead. It has been a very prolific growing season in spite of the challenges and restraints of limited water. Lettuce Be Grateful

On this day of world gratitude, we are reminded how exemplifying gratitude promotes success and creates abundance in light of adversity.  Gratitude brought us through a potentially difficult time and paved the way for this 2014 harvest season.  Thanks to Nature for another successful collaboration!   For The Love Of Nature




Have you ever wondered why there are so many different colors to the foods we eat? The array of yellows, pale to deep, candy apple red to burgundy, purples, whites, greens too numerous to count. Have you ever considered the importance food color has on your health? Nature has its own coding system, and when we are in alignment with the miraculous colors of the food we eat, our bodies are able to decode the important messages these foods have to offer. If we tune in to this amazing natural pharmacy that is available to us, the colors of food that inspire us visually can also support healthy cells, organs, tissue and bones. In fact, the vibratory effect of the color spectrum when ingested provides some of the most beneficial immune support, encouraging health and well being beyond measure.

In addition, the color of food has very specific correlations to the emotional body and what we are experiencing at any given moment. The eastern healing philosophies go in-depth into this science of holistic integration allowing all aspects of our being to unite. East Indian teachings include this holistic approach through the chakra system. Each of the seven chakras in this energy system has a direct correlation to a specific color, in relationship to the same food color, as well as the associated organs, glands, emotional and spiritual issues interconnected with it. The next time you are attracted to a particular food take note of what you may be feeling, as well as your nutritional needs to satisfy the physical body and the emotional aspects of wellbeing.

The following examples are a general overview of how the colors of food can affect the many aspects of our mood and overall health.

The first root chakra resonates with the color red and is associated with red foods such as raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, grapes, beets, radishes and cherries. These are stabilizing foods that are grounding and provide a firm foundation for life.

The second sacral chakra resonates with the color orange and is associated with orange foods such as persimmons, apricots, sweet potatoes, melon and salmon. These foods are very hydrating and rich in mineral content. It symbolizes on an emotional level balance and the ability to flow with change.

The third solar plexus chakra correlates to the color yellow that represents the strength of the will and constitution, with intuitive guidance and courage. These yellow foods  include bananas, squash, lemons, melons and peppers.

The fourth chakra correlates to the heart and the color green, with openness to growth and development and a devotion to unconditional love. These foods include cucumbers, peppers, artichokes, asparagus, avocado, kiwi and limes.

The fifth throat chakra is associated with the color blue and resonates with self-expression and authenticity. These blue/green color foods are rare, found mostly in sea vegetables such as nori, hijiki seaweed and blue-green algae.

The sixth chakra represents the third eye and resonates with purple foods associated with intuition and imagination, and formulates the basis for truthful living. Some of these rich purple foods include grapes, figs, blackberries, plums and eggplant.

The seventh crown chakra resonates with the color white and includes purifying foods such as onions, garlic and daikon radish. This chakra is connected to awareness and open-mindedness, and references the ability to see and feel the unseen on a deeper spiritual level. This is a level of cleansing and/or fasting - learning to live more with less in order for clarity to be revealed.

It is important to note that sun and water provide the source of growth and development for all of these magnificent food colors. It is the clarity of these elements that ultimately create clarity within our own beings.

Are you drawn to a particular food color? If so, what are you feeling and what is it telling you in the moment about what you may need in order to balance your life on a holistic level? As we transform and change, so do our requirements for specific foods. When we pay close attention to this refinement of nutrition, it will ultimately lead to a more balanced lifestyle.

Enjoying the gamut of food color leads to better health, self-awareness and an overall sense of wellbeing. 

                                          HERE'S TO LIVING IN COLOR!

Reference-Fitness Journal 2014-Chakra Nutrition by Teri Mosey