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It seems like this historical, record breaking winter has been going on far too long - it has! At a trying time like this, one of the best things to do is to remind yourself that the promise of Spring is on the way. Yes, this IS the promise that Nature gives us every Spring. It is a faithful reminder to keep our gaze forward and to remember that dormancy leads to growth, and the fruit of patience leads to the budding of new life.



Since this is a time to be indoors, take advantage of the opportunity to visualize new beginnings for the spring season. Be creative in planning projects that have been lying dormant in your mind. Choose specific projects that allow visual preparation and will promote a sense of playfulness, fun and excitement. Use your own biofeedback mechanism to warm yourself on a hot tropical beach. Make a list of field trips to put into action for the near future.

Utilize your time as productively as possible, so that you will be well on your way when the time comes to go outdoors and put your thoughts into action.

Calendula for Vocalfit Lips 

                                                                                                   Our homegrown calendula used in the Vocalfit Lips

Believe it or not, Spring is right around the corner. Hang in there and do not lose hope!  Spend those long idle hours preparing for a magnificent new season ahead and all of the beautiful surprises that it may bring.

Sending lots of love your way with hope for the promise of Spring....