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Living in a world inundated with technology, there is a new, yet familiar trend redirecting us forward to our own true Nature. Of course, this will be a different experience for each individual depending on one’s environment and relationship to their own natural resources. Nevertheless, being in alignment with Nature creates healthier choices and helps to alleviate the stressors of today’s fast paced world.  Visit our Product page for stress relief   What are these healthier choices and what do they mean for the future?

NATURE AS THE GUIDE  Morning In The Redwoods

The rapidly emerging field of biomimicry is directly inspired by nature’s design. This progressive movement will ultimately replace the economic driven, energy depleting and environmentally destructive era of The Industrial Revolution leading more toward a “Natural Revolution”.  The practice of studying and replicating Natures infinite design will help us to better understand how to transform waste into a resource of wealth. Through this inspiration more efficient ways of sustainability will be developed for a cleaner, healthier planet, while transforming economic growth from one of greed to true abundance. It will be a global restructuring of how humanity views its connection to the natural world.


It is the first of many experiences on this early morning in northern California – the first day of fall, the first rain of the season since last spring, and therefore the first day our extensive organic gardens do not have to be watered. Mother Nature has given us a huge gift; generously allowing for valuable time to reflect on the topic of this blog. The sound of only the rain in the darkness of the morning is introspective. What exactly is this rain telling us? There is intelligent information in every drop of the cleansing rainwater as it resonates with the water within our own human structure. The two create a symbiotic relationship of oneness with Nature.

Tuning into Nature and Natural Law will lead to healthier practices on all levels. The information, resources and solutions are always available to those who choose to tune in. With Nature as our guide, learning to communicate with the intelligence of the body creates a greater understanding of self in discovering your own TRUE NATURE.

Stay tuned……