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We now have over two decades under our belts in cultivating organic produce on our gentleman’s farm. Over the years we have observed that the most prolific crops with the highest yield are synchronized with the nutrients that our bodies require during any …

Integrated Lifestyle Solutions

Discover and attain your path to success.

Transformational choices are important universal topics that are key elements in unlocking your inner wisdom. When these elements are in balance it creates the designated path to a satisfying and successful journey in life. Transformational Choices include:

Self Improvement

The first step to self-improvement is the courage to clearly look at your life and the willingness to change those patterns that no longer serve you.

This is an opportunity to realize what is most important to you, discover your full potential and reinforce new patterns that lead to a satisfying and successful journey in life.

Health and Well-Being

This is the foundation for attaining true transformation in your life. We teach the principles that promote health and well-being through nutrition, exercise, recuperation, sanitation and environmental awareness.

You will learn to live mentally alert, emotionally balanced and physically fit.

Emotional Balance

Emotions are the driving force in life, dictating your feelings, interactions and reactions in relationship to all personal experiences. By focusing on inner awareness and self-perception you will learn to identify, understand and access your true feelings.

Emotional balance promotes clarity and enhances your intuition and creativity.

Mind Body Programming

You will learn how to reprogram the operating system of your mind, much like re-booting a computer, creating a healthy environment for your mind to lead and your body to follow.

The way we think is the way we manifest, causing a direct connection between mind and body.


All relationships serve specific and vital roles in our lives.

We will teach you how to understand and manage your current relationships, cultivate new ones and consistently attract meaningful connections that lead to a fulfilling life.

Career Counseling

We offer counseling on every level of career enhancement from finding your priority expression in life, to the daily intricacies of work related problem solving.

Professional Development

By combining your current interests, knowledge and aspirations, along with your life achievements, you will discover the professional path that is in alignment with your full potential. The goal is to love your profession, leading to a path of unlimited success.

The Process

Sensory Feedback Technique™

The Sensory Feedback Technique™ (SFT) is the foundation of Joe and Moni's practice and has been utilized extensively in their personal and professional lives for more than 25 years. It is a precise technique that accurately works with your body's sensory system, which is far more sophisticated than the most advanced computer.

All of your life experiences, both conscious and unconscious, are recorded by the body's sensory system, just like every action on your PC at home is recorded on the computer's hard drive. It is the blueprint for who you are. Using SFT Joe and Moni are able to interface with your body's sensory system accessing the important information recorded there, and uncovering obstacles that may be impeding your life path. This process presents choices that are not influenced by personality and can help you in developing your intuition to make successful choices in all areas of your life. SFT combines science and intuition, to help you achieve your full potential by re-programming specific patterns to produce successful results in your life.

SFT involves both Joe and Moni, with Moni assisting as a surrogate or conduit for your body's sensory system while Joe interprets the data, similar to the way a support technician would diagnose a problem with your computer from a remote location.

VocalFit Solutions

Develop yourself to the best of your ability using all of your natural resources

Nutrition for Optimum Performance

Performance quality depends on how it is nourished. There are many individualized factors for dietary considerations such as season, travel, environment, daily schedule, occupation, and personality/body type.

We strive to teach natural nutrition from seed to table through the implementation of our own organic gardens and growing methods. These include high-energy/low-stress foods for stamina and wellbeing. Through this education you will receive information and instruction on the specific foods that are beneficial to support healthy performance practices.

Performance Support

It is not uncommon for performers to experience anxiety and stress prior to performance, which can also affect the overall quality of the delivery.

Specific support will be given to balance, center and stabilize, leaving you up for the challenge with confidence for a successful performance.

Effective Communication

Living in the age of information, the art of communication has been compromised, resulting in predetermined and limiting ways of expression.

Re-learn how to interact truthfully, powerfully, and spontaneously in the moment.

Having a full spectrum of emotions without editing leads to clear and direct communication.

Specialized Services

Studio Productions, Concerts, Tours, Media and Corporate Presentations

Through prior arrangement Joe and Moni are available on-site for your special event or project.

This comprehensive service includes all aspects of performance preparation and technical direction, as well as solving problematic areas in the performance and/or program delivery.

Particular attention is paid to last minute details or unexpected circumstances.

Call (707) 895-3791 for details.

Customized Vocal Development

The human voice undergoes constant changes throughout the course of one's career.

In order to keep up with these changes and to maximize your performance capabilities, an individualized program will be created to realize and develop your full vocal potential.

Breath Mechanics

The primary intention of learning to breathe correctly is to develop consistent breathing patterns until it becomes a natural function with little or no conscious thought.

Inconsistent breathing patterns are a result of mental stress, emotional trauma or physical weakness.

Breath Mechanics is designed to assist and support the voice and body in different ways of breathing for optimal performance.

Vocal Restructuring and Restoration

Designed for voices that have been subject to vocal abuse or misuse through heavy travel, performance schedule, environmental effects, drugs and medication, poor diet or improper vocal delivery.

Techniques are designed and implemented to strengthen the larynx, and assist in preventing any subsequent vocal problems or injuries.

The goal is to allow the vocalist to proceed occupationally with minimal or no interruptions.

Evaluation and Assessment

To reach your full fitness potential it is important to establish a baseline to guide overall fitness progress. Through SFT, we will evaluate your current fitness level and assist in developing a program that will address your individual fitness goals.

Customized Fitness Consultation

Consultations incorporate cutting edge information on health and fitness, scientifically proven methods of exercise, practical knowledge, technical skills, and a sensory feedback system that provides personal data to fit the individual needs of the client.

Learn through collaboration, inspiration and instruction how to lovingly take care of your body for a lifestyle of active and healthy living.